Storytelling's Evolution in Social Media: How Stories Are Changing the Digital Landscape

I remember when I first joined Instagram a few years ago, I wondered why the profile pictures of some of my followers appeared at the top of my phone’s screen with orange-pink rings around them. When I tapped on their profiles, I found out that they posted "Stories" I had not seen.

Spaces and Speaking

Dialogue and its execution are reliant on and affected by physical infrastructures, and so it is vital to recognize the ways that the construction of our environment has implications for the direction and quality of the dialogues in which we are involved

Are We the Musicians on the Titanic?—"The End of the English Major”

It does not matter how comfortable I am with my decisions to pursue a degree in the Humanities, I am still not at the level of confidence as the character Jack Dawson from the motion picture Titanic was, and the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen is still very much present.

Translating Musical History: Problems and Possibilities

In terms of music as a study, it is more than just performance and learning the way of music.  As a music major, I took time to adjust to the inner concepts of music other than performance.  When the new year started for the Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP, I was curious to see what I would be working on next.

History Research: Haunted and Not-so-haunted

When I was selected to serve as a Master's Research Fellow under the Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP in the summer of 2022, I was rather enthused about the opportunity, especially since this isn’t my first intern experience in which I had to work independently.  Right before this point, I had served as an intern at the Centennial Museum at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) during the spring semester of 2022 where I was assigned to assist in projects and tasks.