Planning for the Humanities and "Discovering the Humanities"

One of the greatest experiences being a Master's Research Fellow for The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP was organizing our first student conference for UTEP and EPCC students, which we titled Discovering the Humanities.

Examining the Past, Looking Forward

As I wrap up my experience as an Undergraduate Research Intern with The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP, it’s crucial that I take a moment to reflect on my experiences throughout the years.

Cooking, Composing, and Creation

It's funny what food reveals about who were and who we are.  It's even funnier to realize how a humanities research project can have the capacity to reveal this basic truth that we rarely think about. 

Indigenous Influences: "Native Americans Who Rocked the World"

As an assignment, we watched the documentary Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World, the title instantly catching my attention because it made me stop and think what the true meaning behind this documentary is about.  After all, “The Indians Who Rocked the World” is a phrase that really makes an impact when one first reads it.

On Changing Hats: The Challenges of Teaching the Humanities at Community Colleges and Four-year Universities

A significant challenge facing any instructor who finds herself shifting her teaching duties from a four-year university to a two-year community college is the possibility of having to adopt new teaching styles.  As an instructor who has taught history at both El Paso Community College and The University of Texas at El Paso, I can say that at both institutions, instructors who teach humanities courses often have the same struggle in convincing students of the importance of these courses even if they are not majoring in them.