In Transit: Science, Poetry, and the Wonders of the Cosmos

Two researchers at The University of Texas at El Paso are searching for glimpses of movements that can be difficult to discern and in doing so, they are reconstructing the ways that the humanities and the sciences once worked together to reveal new truths. As part of their search for paratextual verse in early modern printed books, J. J. Martinez and Andrew Fleck are focusing on the rare astronomical event known as a transit of Mercury.

Wordsworth: El Paso Strong

In what ways can the 200-year-old poetry of William Wordsworth speak to school children in El Paso, Texas, today—and how can the children of our El Paso community help enrich the understanding of Wordsworth’s humanistic legacy for scholars, artists, educators, and community groups in both the West Texas borderlands and Wordsworth’s native England?

Just ask Jeff Cowton, Curator and Head of Learning at the Wordsworth Trust library in Grasmere, Cumbria.

Past History as Present Narrative

Media denouncing Mexicans as criminals and permanently un-American.  White vigilantes, stirred by such rhetoric, using violence to “take matters into their own hands” and punish the Mexican community for perceived transgressions

Sadly, this narrative is true both of today and in the past.

Seeing Clearly with Reading Lolita in Tehran

People tend not to notice the important role that reading literature can do for an individual or a community. Often, we see reading as simply another entertainment choice, just an idle pleasure to while away the time. 

First Job, First Internship, First Museum

I began my work as an Undergraduate Research Fellow for The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP in The University of Texas at El Paso's Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens in March 2018, which coincidentally also marked the commencement of my first official job in my life.  The entire transition of having this new responsibility gave me a jittery feeling in my stomach—the product of nerves, excitement, and the fact that I had finally reached adulthood.