Layers of Rome: An Architectural and Historical Analysis of the Forum of Augustus

The Layers of Rome project is currently working toward developing a virtual walking tour of the Old and Imperial fora of Rome. Our ultimate goal is to make Roman history more accessible to the general public, as it is immensely difficult to make sense of a field of ruined structures without prior reading. It is our hope that the Layers of Rome map will be able to bridge the divide between site and context with a brief summation about chosen sites accompanied by reconstructed images of the sites as they stood in antiquity.

Disabilities Approached through Multidisciplinary Work

Work in disabilities is growing in all fields, and knowing that there is a community that cares is really impactful.

UTEP Outreach: Soothing Resonance and the Fundamental Frequency for the Neurodiverse

Recently, I have made the effort to pursue community outreach in an effort to connect and broaden our insights into disability in the general public and the academic setting.

Process and "Por Nuestra Música"

Being a part of the Humanities Collaborative has been an exciting, time-consuming, and crazy experience over the fall 2022 semester. We faced many challenges figuring out how music programs work and dealing with older computers owned by our student fellows.

The Wonders of the Language of Music

Music is written in the many languages of the world—some that we may not understand and some that we do.