Disabilities Approached through Multidisciplinary Work

Work in disabilities is growing in all fields, and knowing that there is a community that cares is really impactful.

UTEP Outreach: Soothing Resonance and the Fundamental Frequency for the Neurodiverse

Recently, I have made the effort to pursue community outreach in an effort to connect and broaden our insights into disability in the general public and the academic setting.

Disabilities and Art: The Mask That Is Worn

The past few months have taught me that there's more to the visual arts than what first glance can really capture.  The narratives of stories painted are ones bonded to the artists themselves.  

Storytelling's Evolution in Social Media: How Stories Are Changing the Digital Landscape

I remember when I first joined Instagram a few years ago, I wondered why the profile pictures of some of my followers appeared at the top of my phone’s screen with orange-pink rings around them. When I tapped on their profiles, I found out that they posted "Stories" I had not seen.

Spaces and Speaking

Dialogue and its execution are reliant on and affected by physical infrastructures, and so it is vital to recognize the ways that the construction of our environment has implications for the direction and quality of the dialogues in which we are involved